Welcome to Dingqing’s Personal Website!

I am Dingqing Yang, a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia. I am honored to work with Prof. Mieszko Lis. My research interests include improving latency, energy efficiency, and security of DNN accelerators.

My CV is [here].

[Update]: I am looking for a research internship opportunitiy for Summer 2023.


  • Ph.D. in ECE, UBC, 2024 (expected)
  • B.A.Sc. in ECE with Distinction, UBC, 2018


  • Dingqing Yang, Amin Ghasemazar, Xiaowei Ren, Maximilian Golub, Guy Lemieux, and Mieszko Lis. “Procrustes: a Dataflow and Accelerator for Sparse Deep Neural Network Training”, MICRO 2020. (acceptance rate: 82/424 = 19.3%)
  • Dingqing Yang, Prashant J. Nair, and Mieszko Lis. “HuffDuff: Stealing Pruned DNNs from Sparse Accelerators”, ASPLOS 2023.


I was a Teaching Assistant for the following courses at UBC in the past.

  • CPEN 211 - Computing Systems I
  • CPEN 212 - Computing Systems II
  • CPEN 291 - Computer Engineering Design Studio I
  • CPEN 311 - Digital Systems Design
  • CPEN 411 - Computer Architecture
  • CPEN 511 - Advanced Computer Architecture


  • Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) [link]
  • Graduate Support Initiative (GSI) Awards [link]
  • Faculty of Applied Science International Student Scholarship [link]
  • TREK Excellence Scholarship for Continuing Students [link]